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Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company 4 – Steady integration

Over 30 years of establishment and development, Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company 4 (PECC4) has been honorably awarded several noble titles including 01 Third-class Independence Medal for collective company employees, 18 Labor Medals, ISO Golden Cup in 2007 awarded by Ministry of Science and Technology, Vietnam Golden Lotus Cup awarded by VCCI, together with various Certificates of Merit, emulation flags awarded by Government, Khanh Hoa Provincial People’s Committee, Ministries and Departments and EVN. With such meaningful and important records, Mr. Pham Minh Son - General Director of PECC4, confirmed that PECC4 could only obtain such achievements thanks to continuous efforts in work by all staffs and high ranking leaders who devoted themselves to study, and above all is the link between enterprise’s businesses development tasks and development needs of the electricity industry in the whole country.

With achievements, on the way of international integration, PECC4 assert themselves by promoting internal strengths, overcome all difficulties and strive at great efforts to fulfill all tasks. Especially, in recent years due to work requirements increasingly higher requirements, PECC4 has continually made great efforts to expand relationships with partners, thereby taking advantage of the world science and technology progress for applications into production. Contribute to improving the position in the field of consulting market and gradually bring the company to become a Prime Consultant for domestic and international power projects.

After the National Liberty Date, Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company 4 was established on the July 14th, 1976, the first professional power engineering survey and design unit. PECC4 soon become one of the leading power engineering consulting unit providing consultancy for power projects. In September 2004, PECC4 was granted the Certificate of Quality Management Standard ISO 9001: 2000. Through 5 years of operation, maintenance and improvement of Quality Management System, PECC4 has built trust in quality products and services to customers and partners. From July 2007, PEC4 has officially switched to operation with Joint Stock Company model, with many advantages and difficulties as well. PECC4 has been promoting internal strength and initiative in work, expanding relationships and developing business model. The intellectual products of PECC4 are well-known from urban to rural areas, from the plains up to the midland, and remote villages across the country. Mr. Pham Minh Son – General Director of PECC4 said, even if the Hoa Binh hydroelectric plant is connected into the National Power Network, the electric power system in the Central Region is also at very small scale and fragmented. That is a challenge but also suggest opportunities for PECC4 on the exchange, learning experience in survey and design of electric power works, strive up fast and undertake many key projects of national class.

In dealing with requirements on rapid development of power system with more and more higher technical standards, that requires more strictly on schedule, PECC4 must continually modernize equipment, continuously updated information and international recognition calculation software. At the same time, PECC4 is gradually consolidating and strengthening the workforce, training to enhance qualification of staff especially that a team of young engineers have been trained stably with professional qualifications and high level of foreign language, meeting the job requirements. Thereby, PECC4 has gradually become an independent design unit to provide engineering consultancy for many important works. PECC4 has provided the consultancy on investment for construction of several tens hydropower projects with a total design capacity of 2027MW; Hundreds of high-voltage power networks with scale: 390km transmission lines at 500kV voltage level, 900MVA substations at 500kV voltage level, 1800km transmission lines at 220kV voltage level, 2500MVA substations at 220kV voltage level and various power networks from 110kV voltage level and lower voltage level power networks. In addition, PECC4 has also equipped sufficient modern technological equipment serving for topography survey, geology survey, with typical topographical survey equipment, Global Positioning System, electronic geodimeter, level, GPS, theodolite of all types. The laboratory of PECC4 was also been granted certificate compliance with national standard as LAS-XD376 by Ministry of Construction on July 20, 2005, with sufficient testing equipments serving for survey works. The laboratory of PECC4 was regranted national standard certificate as LAS-XD376 under decision No. 1041/QĐ-BXD dated on August 25, 2008.

In terms of international cooperation, PECC4 has cooperated with many well-known international consultant organizations such as East of China Investigation and Design Institute (China); Colenco Power Engineering Co., Ltd - Switzerland; Poyry Energy Co., Ltd - Switzerland; Nippon Koei Co. Ltd. - Japan; Tokyo Electric Power Service Co., Ltd – Japan for preparation of design documents for hydropower projects with high requirement on technology. In addition, PECC4 also constantly learn and establish cooperation with foreign partners in some new areas of activities such as Kunming Survey and Design Institute - China in the fields of consulting, design and construction supervision of power projects, Korea Power Engineering Company Inc. – Korea in the field of studying for construction of thermal power, wind energy power projects, etc,... Through the international cooperation process, the professional qualifications and foreign language level of the staff was significantly improved, working style has also changed and improved at higher level suitably with modern industry environment.

Through such achievements, PECC4 has confirmed itself the firm steps in integration as a professional consultant unit in the field of consulting, survey and design of electric power projects.


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